hi! i'm hannah

UI/UX designer
Cat lover
Pixel perfectionist
Tattoo collector
UI/UX designer

A designer/developer/creative chameleon with a passion for creating & building digital experiences that solve digital problems.

Approaching each project with equal parts strategy, creativity, and technicality, I work closely with clients to create engaging and authentic designs that feel intuitive and keep users engaged.

I have experience working on web and app experiences across a variety of industries, including: higher education, non-profits, fine dining, government, wholesale e-commerce, and casual entertainment.

Beyond the keyboard...
I live in Dayton, Ohio, with my two cats, Soybean and Ivy.
Avid fan of: cats, Taylor Swift, and tattoos (in that order).
Before I decided to pursue a design career, I received an Associate of Arts in English.

Soybean, grey cat, looking out windowIvy, tabby cat, laying down with head resting on paw