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Greenhills School is a private college preparatory school for grades 6-12 in Ann Arbor, MI. They pride themselves on being a one-of-a-kind school that not only prepares children for college, but creates an experience unique to the needs and passions of each student. They go beyond traditional schoolwork with their humanities program, exemplary athletics department, and essential learning services to not only set their students up for college success, but life success.


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Optimizing Engagement

The objective of Greenhills' new landing page was to not only show off their one-of-a-kindess while utilizing their existing design system, but to also strategically encourage parents of prospective students to learn more about Greenhills School, with the end goal of submitting a contact form to their admissions team.

This required multiple iterations of the landing page before settling on the ideal copy-to-design ratio that would generate a high conversion rate.

Previous iterations of Greenhills' landing page

ux research & design

Greenhills Gains

Prior to designing the landing page, I researched successful landing pages for Greenhills' optimization. This study revealed key UX elements and strategies that boost form conversion rates:

Minimize distractions.

Landing pages exist for the sole purpose of, in this case, capturing a lead. Reducing external links and minimal navigation items helps the user to not click off of the site or divert their attention to another part of the page.

Application: The navigation contains only the non-clickable Greenhills School logo. The footer underwent various changes to retain key main site details, and, ultimately, a minimalist approach with essential information and no external links proved less distracting for users.

Condense form.

Users are less likely to fill out a form asking for an extensive amount of information. A concise form, asking only for essential information (and requesting additional data later on), enhances form conversion rates. Placing the form at the page's bottom lets users absorb key details, aiding their decision to explore Greenhills further without haste.

Application: The lead form consists of only five fields (four of which are required) and is at the bottom of the landing page.

White space utilization.

White space is a powerful tool that allows us to control what the user focuses on. By keeping the design clean with plenty of white space, the user is able to focus more on the information given to them, rather than being distracted by other elements of the page.

Clear and concise copy.

Straightforward copy not only allows for more white space (see above), it also keeps the user focused rather than having them scan through redundant copy. Clear copy also allows the user to easily understand who Greenhills is and what their value propositions are.

Application: ​​​​​​​The landing page copy underwent multiple revisions. Initially, an overwhelming amount of text cluttered the page. In the final version, concise yet clear copy effectively communicates Greenhills' identity and value propositions for easy user comprehension.

Upon launch, Greenhills School saw a substantial increase in leads to the admissions team directly from the landing page.

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UX Research, Information Architecture, and UI Design as a Web Designer at Studio Pence
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