Mockup of various Mentorific screens


Created for City Life Center in Columbus, Ohio, Mentorific is a purpose-built application designed to facilitate the pairing of young at-risk teens (mentees) with seasoned life mentors. The app's core objective is to provide these mentees with the necessary resources and knowledge to create positive transformations in their lives.

Meant to be a supplement to real life conversations and CLC's mentorship program, Mentorific serves as a tool for mentees and mentors to collaborate on and review a mentee's life goals in a variety of subjects.


City Life Center Columbus


Information Architecture & Wireframing
Conceptual Design
UI Design
Quality Assurance

information architecture

Userflow & Wireframes

Mentorific posed a unique challenge: it needed to have two different yet similar user experiences based on the user's role (mentor vs. mentee).

The app ultimately has two sides to it: one for the mentors– where they are able to access the Admin Portal– and one for mentees. Each member of the relationship is able to view the same information throughout the app, as well as input goals for each subject.

Userflow of all wireframes of Mentorific's screens
Image of Mentorific's primary screens
Final UI of Mentorific's primary screens (L to R, T to B): welcome screen, mentoring pair, dashboard (mentor view), topic evaluations, past self-assessment score, topic goals, review goal, admin portal main, relationship, user profile (from admin view), needs match, add new match, list of users, user profile (from user's view), and topic resources.

design & prototype

Intuitive Interaction

Since Mentorific is an information, goal-driven app, the delivery of the app's user-generated information needed to be easy to read and navigate, as well as embody optimism and the potential for positive life changes in its UI. The UI incorporates vibrant colors and patterns strategically placed throughout the app to maintain focus on the main objectives, while adopting a more subdued and simplified approach for information-heavy screens.

As the most distinctive UI elements, careful consideration was given to the selection of colors and patterns, ensuring meaningful associations while still catering to a diverse user base in terms of gender and age.

After completing the prototype of Mentorific, I was able to follow it through development to ensure that the final app aligned with the initial design intent and effectively service City Life Center's mentorship program.

Information Architecture, Wireframing, Conceptual Design, UI Design, and Quality Assurance as a Web Designer at Studio Pence
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